About permaskills

Our Vision

Save earth from the environmental crisis and inspire people to change how we experience and interact with our environment and each other.

Our Mission

To empower you with the skills to sustainably fulfill your needs without exploiting others or the planet.

permaskills’ purpose is to share holistic knowledge and skills related to sustainability and permaculture, practically by experience and touch. To see the joy on people’s faces, when they learn to do something they never thought they could, is what I thrive in. Sharing the knowledge and skills to live a sustainable life in all its aspects is my contribution to making this planet enjoyable for everyone.”
Robert Brendler, founder of permaskills

Our Values

Meaningful Work

Everyone who joined permaskills has somehow had their ‘eyes opened’ and realized that the way we treat ourselves, each other and the environment is not sustainable and has to stop. We don’t like to spend our time with barely making a living and sustaining ourselves. We want our time to be worthwhile and use our passion to improve lives and heal the planet.


At permaskills we know that we are not alone with our vision. Hence our goal is to connect like-minded individuals that want to, or already do great things for each other. We want to create a community of people aware of their environment, kind and sharing. If you have the feeling something’s not right in your environment, you are already part of us. Come and connect with us!


Human emotions are beautiful, in all its facets. Sometimes we are afraid of the negative ones and their consequences though, put on masks to protect us and in the process hurt others. At permaskills we believe that only authenticity can lead to an honest and valuable interaction between individuals. Only if we reveal our true intentions, needs and desires we can build sustainable relationships that create amazing cooperation and a productive community.


If we want meaningful relationships we need to see, understand and accept each other for what we are and need. We need to embrace change and new ideas, especially those outside our comfort zone, so we can grow with them. If we want to fight the root of the environmental crisis we need clear vision, emotionally and mentally. Because this crisis is only a symptom of what is really wrong in our society.

Fairness & Respect

What we reap, is what we sow! Fairness and Respect are words easily spoken but hardly put into action, albeit they are at the foundation of a sustainable society. Whether human or animal, no matter the gender, belief or color, we are all earthlings and should treat each other with respect and kindness and grant everyone the same freedom!


There is no Earth 2, and humans are destroying their only habitat while closing their eyes to the consequences. It is time to step up and do everything we possibly can to heal this planet and our society before it’s too late. We see a company as a group of people with a common endeavor that is too big for an individual. That is why we founded permaskills.


It’s not like we are overly religious, but the seven deadly sins do make a point. Overdoing, in which way you may ever interpret it, is the opposite of being sustainable. Humility is essential to a sustainable future. We are constantly kept busy, striving for seductions of new and shiny things that promise happiness or to cure a made up deficiency. If we remember fulfilling our basic needs, we can be fulfilled inside and radiate positive energy. Only then we can embody all the values above and share them with each other.

Joy & Kindness

If you want to change something, why not make it fun and enjoyable? We don’t want to be the kind of people running around and pointing fingers at everyone who does something wrong, but instead celebrate everyone who does something good. Why not make saving earth enjoyable by gathering kind people who enjoy life and celebrate its beauty along the way?


To experience and learn, we need to open our minds. Only if we observe, understand and empathize we can realize how our actions and behavior impact our environment.

a morning circle at one of our natural building workshops, kids and dogs welcome 🙂

What we are doing to implement our values

Air, water, food, shelter, sleep, clothing, reproduction, personal security, employment, resources, health, property, friendship, intimacy, family, sense of connection, respect, self-esteem, status, recognition, strength, freedom and self-actualization are the basic needs of every human. While we would like to give this to everyone to end human suffering, we cannot. But we can show people how to sustainably fulfill their basic needs, without exploiting others. Moreover we can show how everyone can live in abundance, by opening minds and redefining happiness.

Human Interactions

To understand conflicts you have to understand people’s values and thus their motivation. You need to start with mindfulness and a better awareness of your own needs. With practice you can extend your perception to the needs of others, privately and in a professional environment. This understanding is necessary for the acceptance and appreciation of other opinions and thus the mitigation of conflict potential.

In our families or long-term relationships / friendships, we often loose mutual courtesy and respect. Some take each other for granted, let emotions run free and ignore each other’s needs and feelings. An appreciative approach to one another, in which both sides are heard, requires a lot of practice and formative experiences. Such experiences can reverberate even in stressful situations and thus influence unwanted behavior.

We are offering workshops in Non-Violent-Communication not just because is so simple to use. It is because NVC is embedding mindfulness and awareness at it’s core, for yourself and others. Solving your conflicts starts by looking at your own emotions, understanding why you are affected and taking responsibility of fulfilling your needs on your own. Only if you are fulfilled inside and happy on your own, you can interact with other individuals without exploitation, expectations or conditions. With our Awareness Training and Life Coaching we can help you look beyond the beliefs and behaviors that drive you. Together we will release blockades in your mind and reach your full potential.

Cooperation At Work

In times of digitization we have to deal with increasingly complex problems, which require flexible people. People who can interact as a network, compensate knowledge gaps and, as a group, can handle changes independently and flexibly. Such a well coordinated, competent team, autonomous in decision making, is the most valuable resource that a company can have. A major challenge is productive collaboration and team communication. This often fails due to competitive thinking, fear of existence, pressure to succeed or personal conflicts and the lack of skills to recognize and resolve them.

At this point, team building experiences help to give the team a sense of achievement, detached from everyday work. Colleagues get to know each other better and, through newly acquired skills, find more effective communication and collaboration. Also the whole team and communication focus on achieving a common goal. The team members and remain objective instead of emotional. These experiences are even more effective and sustainable if a workpiece is created, that everyone involved is proud of. When these workpieces reappear at other team events, experienced feelings are re-evoked and established. A “we” feeling can arise and solidify with the success of completion and refresh with recurring use of the workpiece.

We offer teams the special experience of a pizza oven construction, that can be used for pizza baking team events. This is a unique environment for a team experience. You will be outdoors, mud on your hands and feet, physically and mentally exhausted, and ultimately proud of the result.

Use Of Resources

We have done a lot right with waste separation and recycling and created an awareness for responsible use of resources. Nevertheless, we still produce way too much waste. In 2021, an EU-wide ban on disposable items will come, so now is the time to show people alternatives. What do you really need? How often do you need it? What can you repair well without having to throw it away and buy it again? What can you make it yourself, in even better quality?

Our 1-Day workshops are about living without plastic and packaging, DIY before buying, minimalism, alternative diets and much more. They enable direct entry into a sustainable life for everyone, with the greatest possible effect and without prior knowledge.

Permaculture & Self-sufficiency

Understanding, using and imitating natural processes are principles of permaculture. You can apply these principles on a small scale in your own garden in a minimal space and easily feed your family all year round. Growing your own food makes you proud, independent, avoids waste, offers relaxation and enables social interaction in community gardens.

However, permaculture is more than just growing vegetables in your garden. Permaculture utilizes waste products, minimizes manual effort and sustainably develops soil life and its nutrient content. Increased nutrients in the soil also means increased nutrients in the food grown on it.

We work together with community garden associations, garden centers and permaculture farmers and offer workshops for permaculture design and self-sufficiency. Our workshops are for enthusiasts and hobby gardeners, who want to reduce waste and consumption.

Natural Building

We also like to apply the principles of permaculture in our homes and their construction. Regulation of air humidity works better and healthier through adobe walls than through ventilation systems. Passive energy houses can store solar energy in adobe walls and floors instead of water tanks. Heating is healthier through radiant heat from adobe walls instead of convection heat and dry air from radiators. Recycled objects and materials give your home a special charm.

We offer all-round workshops from earthquake-proof foundations to green roofs, earthen plaster, earthen floors as well as passive energy management and pizza ovens. We impart the knowledge and self-confidence to design and build a handmade, personal, healthy, inexpensive, durable, safe and of course ecological house. You can use them for private or professional purposes, for example as a tiny house, gazebo, studio, classroom or showroom.

a natural building, created in a natural building workshop