International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March every year. It is a focal point in the movement for women’s rights.

At permaskills we value equality (gender, ethnicity, religion, age) as a key ingredient to an inclusive and sustainable society and future. We welcome you to join us, overcome self made boundaries and grow to what you want to be.

Ok, you found it, this sculpture has actually been done by a man, but with lots of female energy
not on women's day, but this mermaid sculpture was made by two women in a Natural Building Workshop

discover the female way of building

Until a few years ago I had the classic idea that building a house is a typically masculine task and that we women should leave it to the men. The atmosphere that came from construction sites seemed to me rather rough and factual. When Robert started looking for a new purpose in life, I first learned about building with Cob. I was thrilled to be able to create a natural home almost entirely with just my own hands and feet. I love the softness of the shapes and that they can be formed in a very harmonic and loving way. This is the feminine way of building. All of the hidden and underestimated qualities of women can be explored and discovered through it. It gives my heart great joy to be able to let my own creativity and intuition arise and to connect with myself and the earth at the same time. Natural Building is a wonderful way for men and women to work together and connect in a new way. Go on a journey of discovery with us and learn how to create a cozy, personal home that will satisfy your needs.
Barbara Brendler
Physiotherapist & Life Coach for Women
also not exactly on women's day, but this sculpture is four days of women's work
Tree sculpture on a Cob cabin

join us for an upcoming workshop

Apr 27 – Mar 30 2020Natural Building Workshop (PermaHome)
we will build a PermaHome classroom
for Christoph & Mario’s permaculture project in southern Italy
Aug 3 – Aug 30 2020Natural Building Workshop (Outdoor Kitchen) (details coming soon)
we will build an Outdoor Kitchen, Cob Oven and Rocket Mass Heater
for Floris in northern Portugal (details coming soon)
Sep 7 – Oct 11 2020Natural Building Workshop (PermaHome)
we will build a PermaHome guesthouse
for Christoph & Mario’s permaculture project in southern Italy

Women’s Day Special

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