Our Team of motivated trainers, coaches and chefs at your service:

Robert Brendler

& Founder of permaskills

Robert Brendler has been into construction since the age of 12 when he accompanied his grandpa on construction sites. He’s a Jack of all trades, experienced in Masonry, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical Wiring, Home Automation, Cob Building & Sculpting and Green-Roofs. He studied Computer Science and worked in the area for over a decade before transitioning into Team Building and Leadership. With it he started to use Non Violent Communication and Stress and Conflict Management in private and professional environments.

After becoming Vegetarian in 2008, he thought more and more about the impact of his daily actions on the environment. Wanting to know what he consumed and where it came from, but also where it went after using. He started to question everything for sustainability in order to reduce his footprint. That is eating locally and seasonally, recycling materials, restoring what is not completely damaged.

He loves teaching and the look on faces when people succeed in doing things they never imagined they could do. Today he is bringing it all together to give you a complete and transforming experience from foundation to roof.

Robert loves Community and bringing together the kind of people that are interested in saving earth by taking action themselves. He loves sharing knowledge, teaching and learning alike.

Team member: Barbara Brendler

Barbara Brendler

& Life Coach for Women

Barbara Brendler is a powerful woman on a journey to discover herself and true femininity. She finished her education as Physiotherapist in 2014, managing exams and newborn child at the same time. Becoming mother of two beautiful children led her on the path to study and deal with vaccination, alternative medicine, balanced nutrition, non violent communication, emotional hygiene, plastic free lifestyle, child-friendly education, free learning and much more. Barbara offers Yin Yoga and Relaxation as well as Fascial Fitness classes for sustainable self care as well as Life Coaching for Women, especially young mothers.

Team member: Dave

David Backlin

Natural Building Trainer
& Project Manager

David Backlin has over a decade of experience in Natural Building as well as modern construction techniques. He built his own Cob house in Ecuador, leading a team of family and friends. After that he started his journey as a professional Natural Builder around North and South America. He enjoys drum sessions, good music as well as poetry and always adds a personal touch to his workshops. After meeting in Chile 2019, Dave and Robert decided to start a business together. They wanted to bring Natural Building and a sustainable lifestyle to a bigger audience.




Claudia has worked as a professional chef in seminar centers for a decade and has an amazing repertoire of recipes to pamper our palate. From starter through main course to desert, she has something to offer for everyone. You definitely won’t starve in our workshops. Claudia loves to spend her free time beautifying our garden and growing special ingredients for the next meal. She also loves to join our jam sessions and is a legend on the jembe.

charly the chipmunk, fellow earthling

Charly Chipmunk

Lead Environmental Activist, Mascot

Charly Chipmunk met us while hiking the Twin Peaks in Colorado. He was busy collecting food for the winter when we crossed his path. We asked him for the way to the top, but he just hissed at us. It must have been a warning about not littering in his forest. After telling him that we were actually trying to save earth from the environmental crisis, he asked to join our quest. This is how Charly became our lead Environmental Activist. True story.