Ronya und Amar's Tal nahe Benfeita
Ronja and Alessandro ‘s Magic Valley near Benfeita

Ronja and Alessandro emigrated to Portugal in 2020 from the outskirts of the Ruhr area in Germany, with the dream of living more sustainably. First, they gained experience living in a larger community in a nearby yoga community. A year later, they bought their own olive farm in Benfeita.

Ronya und Amar auf ihrem Land
Ronya und Amar on their land

Workshops at this location:

Apr 17 – May 15 2022Natural Building Workshop
we will restore a ruin and transform it into a PermaHome

Hosts: Ronja and Alessandro

For both it is important to live in nature, but not without social contacts. This is why they feel very comfortable in the area around Benfeita. It has natural forests, rivers with drinking water quality and a very diverse neighborhood. In the last 10 years emigrants from all over Europe have settled in the area, appreciating its naturalness and multicultural community.

Ronja and Alessandro are happy to welcome you to the “Quinta dimensão”. It is located at the longest hiking trail in town “Caminho de xisto da Benfeita” ( Via this trail you can reach the village of Benfeita in 15 to 20 minutes on foot. At the local cafe you can get acquainted with the community. Sooner or later everyone passes by there. From Benfeita there is a bus connection to the next bigger town Coja and from there further public transport.

With their quinta, Ronja and Alessandro want to create a sustainable living space that will last for many generations. Self-sufficiency, reforestation, natural buildings, or the (re)discovery and restoration of ancient irrigation and mill systems are things they want to implement on their quinta. They want to create a healthy ecosystem, with healthy soil, water, air, love, space and food for all living beings.

Ronja and Alessandro currently live with their two dogs in a mobile home and still unfinished slate house on their land. They meet regularly with friends for meditation and mantra chanting and are happy to invite you to join them.

Both are trained therapists for Identity-Oriented Psychotrauma Therapy (IoPT according to Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert.). This is a group therapy that enables a very special kind of trauma work by means of self-encounter through a concern. You are invited to learn more about this theory and therapy during your stay.


You will be camping in the lovely valley, close to the river that will sing your lullabies. The facilities are basic, but there are compost toilets, hot and cold showers, a dining area and a cozy hangout communal area. We will make sure you will be offered maximum comfort and enjoyment during this wonderful and transformational time together.

Getting there

By bus

There is a national express bus service (service 20) running direct between Lisbon (Sete Rios bus station) and Catraia do Mouronho which is the nearest stop to us on the EN17, although still around 30 minutes by car. This is the easiest way to get here by public transport. Catraia de Mouronho is the second stop out of Coimbra, shortly after Moita da Serra. It’s a roadside stop in the middle of nowhere with a small café on the other side of the road.

Buses from Porto necessitate a change in Coimbra, and you can go to Catraia de Mouronho, Tábua or Arganil.

We can collect you from Catraia de Mouronho (the closest stop for us) Tábua or Arganil or if you’re travelling to Arganil, a local bus runs to and from the village of Benfeita. However there’s only one bus a day – out to Arganil first thing in the morning and back to Benfeita in the evening (except on Thursdays – market day – when there’s an extra bus in and out of Benfeita in the middle of the day).

By train

For an arrival by train, you can find affordable Tickets on, the Portuguese railroad company. There is a train station in the area (the closest is Coimbra-B) and you can take the train from both Lisbon and Porto, but then you have to change from train to bus in Coimbra. The train and bus stations in Coimbra are just a short walk from each other. Book your tickets here

By plane

If you’re travelling from outside Portugal, the nearest airports are Porto (2 hours) or Lisbon (3½ hours). Both have public transport connections to get to Benfeita.

From Coimbra

From Coimbra you can catch a regional Bus to Coja. This is where we can pick you up. Check the local bus service, e.g. on rome2rio.comPlease aim to arrive onsite by Sunday at noon at the latest but if you are coming from far away better to arrive on Friday or Saturday to have time to settle in and adjust.

By (rental) car

If you are planning to stay longer in the area (recommended) or you want to be flexible on weekends, you can also come by car. There is enough space for a small camper, but big RVs might not be able to get through the narrow roads.

If you want to arrive by car, stick to the following route: Coimbra -> IP3 -> Raiva -> IC6 -> Coja -> Dreia