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Location: medieval Badolato in southern Italy

Badolato Borgo and Badolato Marina in the background, the location of Christoph and Mario 's permaculture project
Badolato Borgo and Badolato Marina in the background

The town of Badolato is divided into two different parts. One part is the medieval center ‘Badolato Borgo’ sitting on a hill at a height of 240 meters. The other part is the more developed ‘Badolato Marina’ at the coast. It is a unique jewel with its own history, culture and tradition. The thousand-year-old Borgo still retains its medieval urban structure. Here you will find romantic, narrow alleys, lined with flower pots, winding around old ruins, beautifully restored houses and 12 historical churches.

winding alley in Badolato

The area around Badolato offers beautiful deciduous forests, waterfalls and peaceful beaches. In the North there are hot springs in Lamezia Terme. In the South you can visit Aspromonte National Park, beautiful Reggio di Calabria and Mount Etna, highest active volcano of Europe (no worries, its far enough).

surrounding area of Badolato


You will be camping in the lovely olive grove. Compost toilets, hot and cold showers, a dining area, yoga/dance space and a cozy hangout communal area with fire circle will be offered for maximum comfort and enjoyment during this wonderful and transformational time together. Wifi may be available onsite, if not, you can get a prepaid sim card at the airport (vodafone for 18,99€ with 40 GB including limited international calls).

possible camp site in Christoph and Mario’s olive grove

If you don’t want to bring your tent, Christoph & Mario offered to provide one for a one time fee of 50€ for the whole workshop. This could save you some kilos of luggage maybe even reduce your air fare.

There are also 5 beds available for rent in the main residence building upon request.

Getting there

By bus

There are several bus agencies offering service to Lamezia Terme. Try and change to your preferred language. Try to get to destination Lamezia Terme Centrale (Stazione Ferroviaria Santa Eufemia). A return ticket from Milano can be less than 40€ (checked on Dec 18, 2019)

By train

For an arrival by train, you can find affordable Tickets on, the Italian railroad company. With the train you can get directly to Badolato.

By plane

flights from Lamezia Terme to nearby destinations in May, checked on Dec 18, 2019

Arriving by plane, you can fly into Lamezia Terme. First thing in Lamezia Terme Aeroporto (airport) is to get to Lamezia Terme Centrale (train station) by taxi, bus LMS47 or foot (2.5 km).

From Lamezia Terme Centrale

Getting from Lamezia Terme airport to Badolato by bus

From Lamezia Terme Centrale (Stazione Ferroviaria Santa Eufemia) take a bus or train for 1.5 hours to Badolato Marina ( 6.90 € ) where we will pick you up. Check out the trainline app (android | ios) for a paperless ticket or the trenitalia website for direct booking (link). Please aim to arrive onsite by Sunday at noon at the latest but if you are coming from far away better to arrive on Friday or Saturday to have time to settle in and adjust.

By (rental) car

If you are planning to stay longer in the area (recommended) or you want to be flexible on weekends, you can also come by car. There is enough space for a small camper, but big RVs might not be able to get through the narrow roads.

If you want to arrive by car, stick to the following route: Lamezia Terme -> Catanzaro -> Soverato -> Badolato (Marina) -> Strada Provinciale 136

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