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Christoph and Mario ‘s permaculture project in southern Italy

A picture of Mario & Christoph

Mario and Christoph on a hike at a permaculture workshop

Christoph and Mario ‘s permaculture project is a beautiful place in Calabria, southern Italy. The area less touristic than the rest of Italy and has beautiful and undisturbed beaches as well as quiet forests and mountain lakes nearby. The little town Badolato invites you to explore its winding alleys and medieval ruins.

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Workshops at this location:

Sep 7 – Oct 11 2020Natural Building Workshop
we will build a PermaHome guesthouse

Hosts: Christoph & Mario


Christoph & Mario have been involved with permaculture, agroecology and natural building for several years and gained experience in different countries and projects worldwide. Their passion is contributing to a healthy and thriving planet.

After having attended several PDC’s, natural building workshops, agroecology workshops and more, their focus lies on soils and how to improve them in particular. They want to boost the microbial life in it and therefore its ability to capture more atmospheric carbon.

Project: A sustainability demonstration site

Christoph & Mario’s goal is to create and build a demonstration site for sustainability in Calabria. A place where adults and children can learn about regenerative practices, permaculture and soil management. 

At first their efforts will be focused on establishing effective water management systems and improving the soil structure and quality. In the following years they will also create edible forests and medicinal herb gardens.

one of the terraces on Christoph and Mario’s land

Christoph & Mario’s land is hidden behind a ridge just outside Badolato Borgo in a green oasis, filled with olive, orange, khaki and avocado trees, date palms and oaks. The place has, like most of the surrounding area, been used as an olive grove for the last 30 years. Christoph & Mario want to change this monoculture and grow a Food Forest and various polycultural crop management systems that will provide them, as well as friends and later workshop students with an abundant supply of healthy, fresh and organic fruits and vegetables.

Location: Badolato

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