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Certifications are like the goal of a long journey, but you should …

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.

Greg Andersen
enjoying the view from half way up the mountain

What is a certification?

It is a piece of paper stating you finished a course, maybe passed some test that required hard work. No one will later ask, whether you excelled and became the teachers right hand or did the bare minimum and called in sick half of the time. Do you remember even 10% of the theory assessed in your final exams at school? Most importantly, isn’t a certificate worthless if the only one acknowledging it, is the authority that issued it?

What use does a certification have?

So why do we issue certifications?

For us, certifications are a sign of appreciation. We issue these documents because you will encounter people on your journey, who won’t know you and what you are capable of. Some of them quickly judging, yet easily impressed by a piece of paper. What we are and will continue doing though, is to work hard to improve our reputation and credibility so you can refer to us in good conscience when you need to. Whether you paper your wall or your resume with it, we just hope it will help you at some point in your life.

The course is the journey

The service we are proudly providing you are our courses that give you inspiration, knowledge, experience and confidence. With them you will be able to continue your journey with an extensive foundation of wisdom and skills that open doors, make obstacles smaller and your goals more achievable.

Our courses:

Which certifications and courses do we offer?

Please see our course program for an overview.

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